The Kingdom of Light is a human monarchy with vastly superior technology to the humans of Earth. The Kingdoms homeworld is Ionia. Their rule extends over many planets and systems and have one of the largest fleets in the galaxy equal to the Covenant Empire itself. They are religious zealots who seek out to cleanse the universe of all that is evil or has been tainted by evil no matter the cost. The current ruler of the Kingdom of Light is King Garik Elsdragon although many think because of his very young age he is just a figurehead and merely a puppet to Grand Crusador Malvious who truly rules the Kingdom. They are constantly at war with the Lupin Clans and the Covenant Empire and will not hesitate to hunt down and eradicate any sign of what they call the "taint" even in their own kind. It is rumored they were once a Light of Hope in the galaxy before the Great King Marik Elsdragon perished in battle. Now the elite group of soldiers of the Kingdom known as Lightbringers who were once a pleasant site now have most denizens of the galaxy cowering in fear in their midst worrying they will become victims of one of their "witchhunts". Magic and the occult are strictly forbidden within the borders of the Kingdom of Light and any who are caught are certain to experience a swift trial and execution by the Lightbringers.

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