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Lord Strath

Lord Strath Von Armedias is the ruthless Emperor of the Covenant Empire and the Elder of House Armedias. He rules over the Coven Empire with an iron fist and has done so for many decades now and the Empire has seen its most prosperous days since the rule of Lord Dracul himself. Lord Strath was born a vampyre and is known as a true blood. He began his climb in the Coven Hierarchy as a mere fighter pilot in the Coven fleet. He then earned many honors and kills in battle which eventually earned him his own starship command where he commanded the Vicirous. It was this post which earned him his greatest honor as he went up against the Lupin Lucius Fangborn himself whom never faced defeat until that day. Strath destroyed Lucius's ship the Howler and supposedly Lucius with it thereby defeating the Lycean Alliance. This honor earned him the title of Elder and he was granted his own house which he established on his home planet of Cowl. He has since raised his house to the top of the Coven hierarchy earning him the title of Emperor and giving him rule over the Covenant Council and the empire.


Lord Strath is the head of House Armedias which is currently the ruling house of the convenant empire.  The ruling family of House Armedias consist of Lord Strath and his two daughters and two sons who are of pure blood.  Strath eldest daughter is Zarana Armedias and she is one of the heads of the Convenant Science Division and thier recent research into new advances in Blood Tech.  Straths youngest daughter is Selena Armedias and she unlike her sister regals herself more to the politics and benefits of bieng from the royal line of Armedias.  Straths two sons Voltar and Victor are twins and they hold high positions within the military of the Convenant Empire.  Straths wife and First Lady of House Armedias was Helena Armedias.  She perished long ago in a war between rival houses.

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